Period Power: Book Review

I’m a little late to the game and it took me a whole month to read and digest, but I finally read Period Power by Maisie Hill and I was not disappointed. My initial reaction was to give it five stars, but upon reflection (and reading some of the one star reviews on good reads), I decided to give it four. It was incredibly informative and I will definitely be taking some of the advice home with me, but there were definitely times that it felt a little ‘woo-woo’. In this blogpost, I want to give a more detailed breakdown of my take homes from this book and even include a handy PDF summarising the main feature of the book: the four seasons of your menstrual cycle.

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Best crime thriller series available now

You might be getting a bit sick and tired of lockdown by now and be looking for new things to divert your time. I know I am! I have to admit I’ve been letting my reading habit slip a bit this month in favour of nights tucked up on the sofa with my husband watching some seriously bingeable tv shows. The summer nights are longer, meaning it feels like you have more time to watch TV, plus it’s always a little cooler in the evening so you can curl up under a blanket with your loved one (or in different houses if you’re apart at the moment). My husband and I love a good crime series, so here are our the five best crime series available at the moment.

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Low FODMAP Meal Plan

As detailed in my last blog, IBS/Mental Health Update, my IBS has been a lot better than it was this time last year, but, because of COVID-19, I feel that I have taken a little step back in terms of improving the symptoms. This is especially because my tests and further appointments with consultants have been cancelled due to the outbreak.

This has led to a fair amount of soul searching for me, in terms of what I can do to improve my IBS, my mental health and health overall. I have been reading a lot of non-fiction about anatomy and physiology and menstrual cycles, as well as consuming media about IBS to try to improve my understanding of my body, how it works and how I can help it. (Some top recommendations are Melanie Murphy’s channel on youtube, who talks about her experience with IBS and The Gut Loving Podcast, where a dietician and IBS sufferer sit down to tell you about all things IBS.)

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IBS/Mental Health Update

Hi all! I hope that lockdown/quarantine is treating you okay. Personally, it was pretty smooth sailing to begin with, but this last week I have found tougher. I think it’s partially the weather. I have also noticed a dip in my IBS/mental health this week, leading to me taking half the week off. So I thought I’d give you all a little update on where I am now that will also hopefully help me once life is back to normal and I can have an appointment with a specialist.

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My IBS Journey

This week, I thought I’d talk you through my history with a chronic syndrome: IBS. My original idea for a tagline for this blog was ‘Books and Bowels’, because I love reading and literature, and I have been reading more blogs about people’s experiences with IBS, due to a very bad flare-up last year into this year.

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My Five Year Plan

I recently watched a YouTube video on Five Year Plans by Hannah Witton and it got me thinking about the plans that I made for this year and how they relate to where I want to be in five years time. So I decided to elaborate on my plan and share it with you in case a) it’s of interest to you and b) hopefully having it easily available on my blog will make me more likely to pursue it!

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